Mass Communication Career Options

There are as many different ways to communicate as there are different people in the world. Some respond to visual messages while others react better to persuasive language. Luckily, communications is such a wild field there are plenty of communications options for every kind of person, and for every single one a different career path. Which career is right for each individual depends a great deal on what that individualís particular interests and skills are.

The Written Word

For most of human history, communication has been accomplished through the written word. Today, despite what naysayers insist, print is not yet dead. Publishing is thriving with new mass mediums of internet publishing and e-readers, and though the face of publishing and journalism has changed, there are still plenty of career options available. Writers and editors are still in demand as growing audiences clamor for new content every day. Whether the words are disseminated through blogs, news sites, books, magazines, or even social media sites, written content producers can easily find ways to communicate to the biggest and most interested audiences.

Graphics and Art

Graphic designers and artists can find work in all sorts of fields as well. Visual stimulation allows companies and businesses to make a lasting impact with their audiences; individuals are much more likely to remember a logo or icon than they are to remember a slogan or catch phrase. By hiring on visual artists to create lasting visual images, they are able to communicate to mass audiences regardless of language barriers and education levels. Many illustrators and artists find work in brand development, logo design, or art direction, helping advertising and marketing companies construct impactful and meaningful images that stick with buyers.


If an individual has more technical prowess than creativity, there are plenty of technical jobs available in mass communications. In fact, technology is what enables mass communication in the first place. Communications graduates can find careers as sound mixers, electronic publishing specialists, audio/visual technicians, camera operators, video and radio show producers, and more. If programming and software is more appropriate, communication specialists are able to discover and develop new ways of communicating with larger groups of people. Whether itís through social media, new web platforms, or telecommunications, there are plenty of jobs for the technologically proficient.

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Interpersonal Communications

Finally, there are even jobs for those who are more proficient with interpersonal communications. Fields like public relations, marketing, and advertising were built on charisma and interpersonal relationships. Individuals who can persuade, educate, and otherwise communicate with the masses on a more intimate level are likely to find careers in mass communications. They could move into the hospitality industry, government, or broadcast journalism, depending on exactly what they want to communicate. A number of the most successful lobbyists and fundraisers have backgrounds in communications, and they know how to reach out to others in the most effective ways.

No matter what skill sets individuals have going into mass communications, they are sure to find an area of specialization that suits them perfectly. With the right training and education, they can direct those skills appropriately and find ways to succeed in almost any industry.

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